Water Testing

Getting Your Water Testing Online

People are becoming more aware of water quality, especially for consumption. Whether you’re ready to buy a new home or you’ve been living in your home for years, it is essential to have your water tested. You want to make sure your water supply is clear of contaminants and safe for consumption. At SPY Inspection Services, we have contracts with labs all over Pennsylvania to provide you with any type of water testing you may need.

How Your Water Becomes Contaminated

Many contaminants contribute to poor water quality. Sometimes, the source of contamination is simply a natural occurrence in the environment. Other times, rocks containing contaminants such as radon gas, nitrates, arsenic, and lead can contribute to unsafe water levels and can only be identified through a water test. Additionally, your water may become contaminated due to a man-made source, such as a failed septic tank, waste from households or industry, or pesticides.

Why You Should Test Your Water Quality

Poor water quality can lead to health problems, including cancer, neurological disease, respiratory disease, and more. That’s why you should test your water. You can check the pH levels and determine whether there are bacteria, nitrates, or solids present. Though most of these signs will only show up in the lab results, if you start to notice any odd odors, tastes, or discoloration of your water, it’s best to contact the SPY home inspectors immediately.

Ensure Your Water is Safe and Clean

SPY offers a wide range of water tests. For most real estate transactions, water testing is ordered for but not limited to the following:

  • Coliform and Non-Coliform Bacteria – Basic water test
  • FHA – Total Coliform, Ecoli Coliform, Nitrites, Nitrates and Lead
  • RLT2 – Coliform and Non-Coliform Bacteria, pH, Nitrate, Hardness, Iron, Lead, Chloride, Total Dissolved Solids, Detergents, Alkalinity, Sulfate & Arsenic

We perform water testing for homeowners in Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Lehigh counties.

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