Septic Inspection / Certification

Evaluate Your Septic System

Ignoring a septic system inspection could cost you a large amount of money in the long term. With most properties, the septic system is one of the most expensive things to replace or repair. That’s why you must have a professional evaluation of your septic system before you purchase a new home or put yours on the market.

Because your septic system is underground, you need home inspectors who are capable of getting the job done in a non-invasive way. At SPY Inspection Services, we can connect you with inspectors who are equipped to perform a full septic inspection, saving you money and stress down the line.

Professional Septic Inspections in PA

Lenders may require a septic system inspection when you buy, sell, or refinance your home. Whether your system is new or old, proper design and installation are essential to maximizing its life.

During the inspection, an expert technician will explain how the system functions, how to maintain the system, and offer suggestions for repairs or replacements of different components that make up the system. Current septic system installation standards may require you to replace an older system with a much more expensive design. A septic inspection will help alert you of those unwanted replacement costs and unsafe conditions.

We schedule septic inspections for homeowners in Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Lehigh counties.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Septic system failures can be unsightly, foul-smelling, and can threaten your family’s health. When your septic system fails, there’s also a risk of contaminating your well water, which can result in more costly repairs or a full system replacement. Stop the issue before it becomes an even bigger problem with a septic inspection.

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