Sewer Lateral Inspection

Getting a Sewer Lateral Inspection in PA

Before you purchase a home, you should consider having a sewer lateral inspection performed. Often overlooked, these inspections will help you determine whether there are any issues with your sewer lateral, which is the pipe connecting your plumbing to the city’s sanitary sewer system. A proper inspection will save you time and money since severe complications and damages can occur if the problems are left unmanaged. At SPY Inspection Services, we can connect you with inspectors that will use cameras to check your sewer lateral’s condition.

Why You Need a Sewer Lateral Inspection

When you’re in the process of purchasing a home, you want to make sure your sewer lines aren’t blocked or cracked. You also want to check for signs of inflow and infiltration. Sewer lines are susceptible to blockage due to changing infrastructure, tree roots, erosion, soil, or other factors. If your sewer lateral is blocked, you’re at risk for damages and costly repairs since, without an inspection, you won’t realize it’s a problem before it’s too late.

Additionally, if excess groundwater or rainwater make their way into your sewer line, you are at risk for overflow and contaminating your city’s water supply. Sewer systems carry waste from your home to a treatment facility, so any overflow can cause untreated sewage to enter your neighborhood and expose those who live there to harmful bacteria.

How Sewer Laterals Should Be Inspected

Since sewer lines are typically underground, you cannot see whether they are damaged or blocked with the naked eye. The inspector should utilize cameras to inspect your sewer lateral from a cleanout in the house or property. If they find any problems, they can determine its location and make recommendations on how to fix it.

We can connect you with inspectors that perform sewer lateral inspections for homeowners in Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Lehigh counties.

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