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Home Inspection Tips for Homeowners

When was the last time you had your home inspected? If it was when you were in the process of buying your home, you’re not alone. Typically, people get an inspection before purchasing a home and then never think about it again. However, it’s better to schedule inspections periodically to ensure your home stands up to the test of time.

At SPY Inspection Services, we recommend that homeowners schedule inspections or tests even if you’ve lived in the home for years. Eventually, you’ll want to make upgrades to your home or replace items that are no longer working. Inspections can help you create a timeline and budget whenever you decide to make those improvements or renovations.

Why You Should Have a Home Inspection After You’ve Lived There

A happy home is a working home. Here are some inspections you should schedule after you’ve lived in your home for a while:


Sewer Lateral

If you’ve been in your house for five to ten years, it’s a good idea to check your sewer lateral. Over time, blockages or cracks can occur, resulting in costly repairs and unsafe conditions.



If you have a radon system, it’s best if you perform annual inspections. The reading may have been low when you bought your house, but if you completed any significant renovations like finishing a basement or putting an addition on your home, you’d want to do another test.



Maybe there weren’t visible signs of mold when you were moving into your house. But, if you started having respiratory problems or noticed a musty smell after living in it for some time, there could be undetected mold. Sometimes mold can be covered up by things like paint or carpeting, so it’s best to have your home inspected, especially if you’re experiencing health problems.

Quality Service

Our Pennsylvania home inspectors are familiar with the homes in our area and know which signs indicate something is getting ready to fail, regardless of when or how the house was built. Be proactive about your home maintenance and functionality and contact SPY today for your home inspection. 

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