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Home Inspections

Home inspections prices start at $395 and are priced depending on square footage, number of bedrooms, age of home etc.

Wood Boring Beetles inspections
Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections start at $95 with a 6 month service warranty starting from the settlement date

Radon Testing Lansdale pa
Radon Testing

Radon Testing  $140 for a minimum two day test

Real Estate Agents

We have worked with many successful agents in and around our service area. The SPY Inspections team will help you and your homeowners or buyers through the inspection process every step of the way.  We will help with coordination, expert inspections, reporting, and follow up.

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  • Our experience was great! Everyone was so helpful and an absolute delight to work with. Extremely thorough, extremely informative. Even gave us tips on things we could do ourselves to help reduce future energy bills.

    Sigi K
    Home Owner
  • My wife and I weren’t sure of the Radon levels in our basement since we purchased our home 5 years earlier. We did a store bought radon test that gave us an above normal reading. We decided to call a local professional, Spy Inspections, to get the proper reading. Rick Ray, one of the owners came by, dropped of the canisters, and picked them up three days later. Our results came back at 11, remediation is required if above 4. Spy inspections referred a remediation treatment and a remediation company. To ensure the remediation worked we ordered another test and our readings from Spy inspection was 1. Thanks for giving us peace of mind.

    Silvio B
    Home Owner
  • The inspector was on time and very professional. He walked through each step and explained as he went through. He made suggestions on safety unrelated to the structure of the home such as ensuring a fastener is added to the stove to avoid tipping overview when the oven door is open. This was an overall good experience. This is the 3rd property we have purchased in our lifetime so we have inspectors to compare. I will use SPY Inspection in the future. We were very satisfied.

    Erica J
    Home Owner
  • Richard and his team did an outstanding job. The inspection team was professional and courteous. They arrived at the location not only on-time but a few minutes early so they could arrange their equipment. They explained the level of service that they were going to provide before the work began. While in the home they took precautions not to damage or materially disturb any items. The team walked the entire space with me detailing what items they were inspecting and documenting calling out any deficiencies as they went. The best service of them all was the mold inspection. It was a thorough inspection and a terrific value for the money. The team not only explained the exact condition found but took three post inspection phone calls and reviewed a remediation report at no additional cost. The analysis was explained to me in plain English making the report easy to understand. I highly recommend Spy Inspections for all your home inspection needs.

    Adam B
    Home Owner