Stucco Inspection servicesArguably one of the most important components of any home is the exterior siding. It is quite literally the first line of defense in protecting your home from the elements. The importance of a solid, intact and leak free exterior siding cannot be overstated. In modern day construction there is a plethora of materials being used for home exteriors, some are structural and others are simply cosmetic.

One material specifically, has been creating some area of concern recently, commonly known as “Stucco”. The concern has to do with how it was installed on the house. A drive through any town in the northeast United States with homes built in the last few decades will almost certainly reveal a stucco home. This of course alludes to the scope of potential installation issues and failures. Leaking, peeling, and discoloring are all common signs of stucco problems, but theses potentially serious issues cannot always be visually observed and require special tools and techniques to diagnose.

If your home or one you’re interested in purchasing has a stucco-clad exterior siding, it is highly recommended you have it checked by one of our qualified stucco inspectors. They will visually evaluate the condition of the stucco, as well as probe and scan problem areas with moisture content meters and infrared cameras. They will provide a comprehensive and objective report addressing current issues and potential issues uncovered during the inspection.

You are always encouraged to be present if possible and ask the inspector any questions or concerns you may have while the inspection is being conducted. Do not let a current stucco problem become a future problem. Stucco damage only has the potential to get worse over time, unless diagnosed and repaired. Call us today and get the inspection underway!

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